The Digital Tour Americas 2016

Event for leaders from the public and private sectors


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A unique experience in the use of emerging technologies were the participants will be able to interact with them and impulse applications and innovations in their respective business or activities sectors.

The Digital Tour – Americas 2016 is designed for the leaders of financial institutions, governments, and executives responsible for developing and managing business powered by technological innovation, as well as authorities supervising the digital signature, official regulators and suppliers of related technological solutions Te event is dedicated to the analysis of how emerging technologies in methods of payment, identification and digital convergence are changing the way clients and citizens are interacting with banks and governments: :

• Mobile Payments: Last generation secure platforms to increase the usefulness of mobile devices incorporating new payment media. A new era for Mobile Banking.
• Electronic Commerce: New tools, tokenization, PKI and other for secure online purchases and trough bank accounts.
• Contactless Payments: Wearable wireless devices for fast, convenient and secure transactions.
• Digital Convergence: How to co-exist in a single device, sharing services and being connected with all (loT)
• Digital Identification: The use of secure mechanisms and new specifications for regional integration of public and private services in an efficient way.
• Regional Interoperability: Regional trends towards the reciprocal recognition of National Identification Documents and related services. How to achieve it?
• Intelligent ATMs: The role of ATMs in the digital era and its relation with payment media.
• Mobile Wallets: Best experiences, challenges and opportunities for improvement.
• Security New standards and protocols of identification and payments to prevent fraud and identity theft.

Be part of the Digital Revolution, the future is here!

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At the Panama International Financial Center

Balboa Avenue, Panama City, Panama

The event starts at:
Dias Horas Minutos Segundos